Plinius SA-250 vs McIntosh MC402

Hi everybody,

Does anyone compared Plinius SA-250 (MK III) with McIntosh MC402?

sonically, both are excellent. the mac is the more laid back, even at 400wpc
The Mac is deaddeaddead quiet. A different breed than the older macs and very nice. The plinius hums a little....Both are well rounded performers, the Plinius more dynamic.
I have heard the higher priced SB300 and mac MC501's. The 501's are comfortably better sounding.
I have the MC402 and it is everything I could want in a power amp. However, I have heard very good things about the Plinius as well. Both being very powerful and musical at the same time. You may want to include the Pass X250.5 to your shortlist
Thanks for your answers. I chose the MC402. It perfectly fits with the Triangle Cello SW2. Great sound, really :o)