Plinius SA-103 vs SA-250 MK IV?

Any Plinius lovers been able to hear both? Would be interested in any info.

My recollection of the SA250 was very long ago, but the SA103 is a real beast of an amp. Very powerful and yet with excellent refinement. It was paired with the Dynaudio Sapphire with Audio Magic Stealth XXX and their silver cables and was one of the best systems I've heard.
The SA250 MKIV and the SA102 had some refinements over earlier versions but were a bit softer on the highs. I think that the designer felt some pressure that they were being compared against tube amps in showrooms and reviews.

The 103 and SA Reference brought back the highs. They also thought a redesign was necessary as flagships among their own expanding brand, which were catching up.

I've got dual SA100 MKIII's as bridged monoblocks and the Genesis bass amp/xover. Excessive, I know.