Plinius SA-102 vs Antique Sound Labs Hurricane

Plinius SA-102 vs Antique Sound Labs Hurricane 200 DT. Two great amps, two different concepts. Which one do you prefer and why? My system: Meridian 508.24 cdp, Supratek Chardonnay preamp, Sonus Faber Cremona speakers. Thanks.

I've been following your threads to find out the outcome of the supratek versus plinius sa-102. My system is going in the same direction (at the moment only have the sonus faber) and would really like to know how your system sounds now with the supratek. Are you thinking of getting another power amp? You're asking about the antique sound labs...

Hi Nuno (Portuguese also?)

Not Supratek versus Plinius in this case. It's Supratek (preamp) plus Plinius (power amp). I am still awaiting for my Chadonnay (september, i hope). Which Sonus Faber do you own?

About the power amp, the Plinius is new (no more than 10-20 hours playin'). So I will give him a fair chance (maybe a couple of months) with the new preamp (was using the 8150 as preamp). Then I will see...