plinius sa-102 or ayre v5-xe for woodmere 2's

Have a line on either of these 2 amps for my new woodmere 2's. Thoughts on these 2 amps? Thanks
I used to own a Plinius SA-100 MK3 with my Tyler speakers. It is a very nice amp but I got bored with it. It became uninvolving over time. I have heard 2 Ayre amps but only one on my speakers. The V3 which I didn't like because it was too dull or warm for my tastes and a V5xe on a friends setup. The V5xe was a really nice amp and I am sure it is a whole lot better than the V3. What is the difference between the SA-100 and 102?

Have you considered a Krell FBP or BAT?
I meant to ask what is the sonic difference between the 100 and 102?

I did have a FPB-200 in my system for about a week on loan. I really liked this amp. One the best SS amps I tried. Very open and airy with great bass.

I am not sure what kind of characteristics you are looking for but I would highly recommend a BAT VK-500 or also a Levinson 334. Are you considering tubes?
I am not that familiar with the 100. A friend has a 102 and it sounds pretty sweet. I do know the 100 puts out 100 watts compared to the 102 at 125. Internal wiring is silver along with an internal timer to bump it down to a/b after a certain amount of time with no signal.

I am using a bat vk-3ix pre at the moment. Will have to take a look at the vk-500 and the 334.
I ran a VK200 and VK5i for awhile. I really liked it and I KNOW the 500 is better. A friend of mine had one for awhile driving his Thiel 7.0's at 86db effiency. Sounded great. Another friend on here (Blindjim) had a 500/5i combo for awhile and really liked it. He wished sometimes he had not sold his 500. The BAT preamps do mate well with Levinson also.