Plinius SA-102

Hi everybody, 
I have a Plinius SA-102 that has worked flawless for a long, long time, I never turn it off but a couple of days ago I decided to turn it off to do some tlc and 2 days later when I turn it on again is not working properly.
main led blinks for 10 seconds and then it should stay lit and the mute switch should the light up but after the 10 seconds the main led turns off and the mute switch light blinks constantly.
i opened it up and there’s a red light towards the right front (my right standing in front of it) and it says ERROR.
the fuse lights are all off.
any help of what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.
thank you all and have a great night.

You might try contacting this company with your question:

I will do that and let you guys know what they say.
Thank you!!
Plinius Repairs' website has this advisory: 

  • Sorry no over the phone repair advise

So you might need to talk to Plinius Customer Support: