Plinius SA-102

How many versions have been offered? I talked a friend into looking for a '102 over a 100 Mk3 and now I think he should shoot for a '103, but he's balking at the long break-in time.
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The primary difference b/t the sa 102/103 was reported by

"Dagogo news in 2006:
March 2, 2006
Plinius Audio announces new and updated products for 2006

The now famous Plinius SA-102 and SB-300 amplifiers have been recently updated, and are now called
SA-103 and SB-301, respectively.

The changes are mostly cosmetic/aesthetic, in that the external styling of both of these products, which are
built on the same basic chassis, has been updated to bring it more into line with that of the SA-Reference
amplifier. A (by now) standard 12 volt trigger feature has also been added to both amplifiers, and the A/C
power switch has been shifted from the front panel to the rear on both amps. The SA-103 now features a
pair of micro switches on the front panel to control Class A/AB operation and mute, and a similar micro
switch to control standby/operate modes on the SB-301 has been installed on the front panel to improve
and streamline the productsÂ’ appearance.

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