plinius pre with ayre amps?

i have seen the soundstage review of the sa-102 with the ayre k-1x and it reads as nothing short of amazing...but what about the plinius m16 with a v-1 or 5x? i'm curious because i would love to have a sa-102, but the heat it generates makes it imposible i light of my son's prying hands and the cabinet enclosure they require. i have an 8200p amp because i love the combo of dynaudio (i have the contour 2.8's) and plinus and think the m-16 may be the key to the kingdom! BUT, sout love to try a balanced amp and hte ayre would foot the bill with the plinius supplying the delicious dynaudio synergy i've found with the plinius? who knows?
I'd say go fot it. Ayre amps are pretty easy to find used here, and you occasionally see Plinius M16's. Give it a shot and report back. If you don't like it you can always sell the used components for what you paid and move on. That's one of the beauties of Audiogon. Good luck and happy listening!
thanks, jond, soon as i get back from vacation, i may just do that. i've had a great time changing equipment and exploring other sounds through audiogon over the past 3 or 4 years and don't see an end in sight (my system is posted). even though we all lok for the ultimate system, no hobby is ever over unless you lose interest, i guess. it takes a long time to cable a system properly, do you know of any good matches for ayre? i see that their upgrade umbilical for the k-1x is cardas, so that may be a good place to start.....regards, art
Bud, I'm running the V-5x with a Pass Aleph P using Luminous Audio Synchestra Sigs w/XLR's to take advantage of the balanced circuitry.

When I was searching for the Ayre I had to buy a V-5 & have it upgraded to x status, which isn't a bad thing as the unit gets looked over during the upgrade. Also, the people at Ayre were very helpful & great to work with.

My gear sits in an older wood cabinet w/glass doors with only the back open & heat is a non issue.
driver-there has been nothing but angel breatns and praise for the ayre crew and support. worth a lot in and of itself. thanks for the heat info, too. did you ever consider using ayre's rca/xlr adapters? i actually had the lass ic's with some mccormack gear and thought they were very neutral and revealing.....