Plinius Owners please comment

I'm looking into Plinius intergrated's in particular the 8200MKII and the 9200. Firsttly is there a markII for the 9200. Most importantly though is there a sonic difference between these units and does the 8200MarkII have the processor swith in the back.

I own the 8100 but can answer your questions:

Yes, there is a difference between the two. The 9200 sounds a bit more dynamic due to increased power supply. It is a fine piece of equipment especially at the used prices on the 'gon.

Yes, the 8200MkII has the processor switch. You can feed the inputs from a surround processor (thereby bypassing the Plinius' pre-amp stage) or run a loop through an external processor. I would think the loop would allow one to send output to an external crossover (e.g., powered subwoofer) and the signal would then come back to the Plinius.

Speaking of low prices, the 8200 should be a screaming good deal now that the 9200 has been out in the marketplace for a time.
pLINIUS WILL UPGRADE to MKII later if you so choose. Of course, you have to send it to New Jersey. Be glad it's not New Zealand.

Thanks for the info.

I've been in contact with Gary Morrison from Plinius. He suggests that the source outputs are used if one wants to take advantage of the "DSP" modes on there processors/recievers.

I've also contacted Plinius USA inorder to find out about Canadian dealers or at the very least the closest American one. I have no reservations about ordering online but I would like to know for service issues where the unit can be sent in.

According to Peter Thompson of Plinius, there is no change to the Plinius 9200; therefore, I don't believe there is a Mark II version.