Plinius or YBA

I have recently sold my B60 to a friend.
My search for a new integrated is down
to the Plinius 9200 or YBA Passion.
My system consists of Dunlavy SClll speakers(91db)
and a Marantz SA-14 cd player.
The added cost of the YBA,around $1000 more, is
not critical. I'm looking for long term enjoyment
and completing this small system. The room is 12x17,
and music choices are all over the board.
I give thanks to any and all inputs but ask not
to give me more choices-it will be one or the other.

Thank you,
Attila Simon
I just wanted to add my impressions that the Plinius might
be more dynamic while the YBA may be a little cleaner and more refined. Anybody else?
If anybody is curious, which doesn't seem
too likely judging by the amount of input
that I received, I purchased the YBA. Two
different salespeople both felt the YBA was
the better amp, which was quite convincing
seeing that they sold the Plinius and not
the YBA.
Thanks anyway,
Attila Simon
YBA makes very good equipment, enjoy.
I own a older Plinius 8150. Its the predecessor of the 9200. The sound is a peach, being light and airy. I have heard the 9200 and it has the same sound. The only gripe is the phono output is not much chop on low output mc cartridges.
Passion. Your speakers are sensitive enough and what is the use of so much power, get less and get more refinement. It seems like the Passions are up there with the best, you see how they are paired with the best gear out there, there is someone whose system is based around the Passion, here in Audiogon....If memory does not fail me, his speakers were seriously high end, also his front ends.
The Passion is very nice - more detailed and nuanced than the Plinis 8200 I heard. I found that the Passion was a little lean though but that may have been due to the speakers used. I think in your size room, it should work well. Another thing though is that I felt the volume control was too coarse. Perhaps that wouldn't bother you. Arthur
i dont know the sound of Plinis 9200 but i had yba Passion it was one of the worst amp i had