Plinius or YBA?

I have the opportunity to buy either a Plinius 8200MKII or a YBA Passion Integre integrated amplifier used for approximately the same money. Both units are in great shape as I know the owner and he is getting out of high end equipment. My other equipment is a Rega Jupiter CDP, Vienna Acoustic Beethoven speakers and Acoustic Zen cables. Obviously my question is which amp to go with. I have heard many great things about both the Plinius and the YBA. I haven't found a thread that directly compares the two. What do you folks think? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Why would a thread with a direct comparison matter to you? Your ears are the deal. If you know the guy selling both: check each one out. I own the Passion. I'm not going to say that the Plinius can't go 1 round with the Passion. I'm not saying the build quality of the YBA reigns supreme. I'm not saying that the Passion's 100 watts are the sweetest SS watts out there. Here's what I am saying. I love mine. Used to own the little brother (the Integre) and, now, there's no going home. Wonderful amp.. I love it. You, probably, won't go wrong with either. But don't you want to be more... peace, warren
Here are some other views/thoughts:
Buy them both - each one has characteristics which are compelling. Then sell one of them, then sell the other and buy something else and start the madness ALL over again. Ain't it fun!
I own the Plinius 8200 MKII integrated and I really like it however I feel it is slightly warm in character and so are the AZ cables as the Jupiter may well be, so you may want to consider if it would be too warm for your tastes.

I do not want to downplay this amp at all as it is quite good.
8200 II matches up well with Totem Forests. I wouldn't condider this combo warm sounding at all. AQ Sterlings were noticeably better than the AZ Hologram. So match either amp up well and you'll have a winner. ICs are AQ Diamond(silver) - this combo works really well.
I am currently listening to a Passion Integre at home with a YBA CD1 Delta and I am comparing it to a YBA1 PRE 1 alpha "that I own" and a YBA HC Delta 1 amp.

Both have diffent sound qualities and that is subjective to your personal flavours.. I am on the fence .. But the Passion is suberbe for a price/quality performance ratio.

if you are interested you can read my quick comparison of both in another thread i started before purchasing my CD1 Delta.

Good luck with your purchase...

If you purchase the Passion Integre watch out to not short the speaker cables you will fry the transistor ouputs...

Take them both home and try them in your system... This is the best advice I can give you.

They both are great units... Of course, I am biased towards the Passion but your ears should make the decision.

Just one thing, listen to both amps at different volumes. The amps may have different audible characteristics when played at different volumes. For example, the Plinius may sound great at low volume but may sound very harsh at higher volume level. On the other hand, the Passion may sound less involving at low volume but sound much nicer than the Plinius at higher level. These are only ficticious examples but these are factors that have to be considered.

Just me 2 cents
I agree with the suggestions above that the combination of Jupiter and Plinius is unlikely to have enough bite.
I heard them both. Both are little great amps. Plinius may be a little bit to warm souunding for some. Integre is far more transparent. Loved both.
Well Crega, what did you get?
My stereo system is in flux to say the least. The Vienna's have been replaced by a pair of Dynaudio 1.3 MKII's with a REL sub on the way. The Jupiter and the AZ cables remain. I had a Plinius 9100 for several months but was not pleased with the bass and mid-range. The 9100 had been replaced by a Luxman R-117 receiver until the funds for the Plinius 9200 are available (can you say tax time). Thanks for asking Warren.
Hello and H E L P ! ! !
I got hold of a YBA 1 alpha pre but I don't know whether it works or not. This is because I don't have the special power supply that YBA manufactures for their YBA 1 series. I would very much like to buy one (they are quite expensive) but first I want to know whether my YBA 1 Pre still works.
What I need is the voltages at the connector between the powersupply and the pre amplifier. Given this it's easy for me to manufacture my own temporairy power supply to test my YBA 1 before I order the original replacement supply.
If just one of you YBA master guys could help me out here that would be just SUPERB! It only needs to take a multimeter to your YBA 1 power supply and plug it the cables.
Thanks alot for your attention.