plinius or b.a.t.

how does the b.a.t. 200 or 500 compares to plinius 100 mk3,thanks,AL
Entirely different amps!!!! I own both a VK200 and a Plinius 100 (along with a CJ Premiere 11a, Sunfire and a Forte Model 6). The BAT is the closest thing I've heard to a classic tube amp - the lushest, most mellow solid state amp I've ever heard (there's a reference to this somewhere in a recent Stereophile - I think is was a Sam Tellig column). NO stridency at all. If you look up the word "warm" in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of this amp. It's VERY close in tone to my CJ. It differs from the CJ in that the CJ has more tube "bloom" and does a better job of recreating space - i.e., it fills in the natural hall reverb of acoustic instruments and orchestras and as with most tube amps, it does a better job of recreating depth (as a recent reviewer recently stated, "after all, that's what tubes DO!!!) (actually, I find this ironic because the CJ isn't extremely detailed with sharp image focus -- the difference really comes, I've been told, from the inherent second and third order harmonic structure differences between solid state and tubes). On the other hand, the CJ can't touch the BAT at the frequency extremes, especially if you run the BAT with balanced inputs (which are a very significant upgrade over single-ended inputs). In balanced mode, the BAT has fantastic bass slam and definition (the CJ is "classic tube" - i.e., a bit fuzzy and weak on the bottom and more rolled off on the very top). The BAT also has better image focus (once again, ironic, since it is bettered by the CJ in recreating hall acoustics). I would recommend only running the BAT, however, with speaker cables running on the cool, clean, extremely detailed side of the spectrum, e.g., Nordost Red Dawn. The Plinius, in my opinion, is a superior amp (as is reflected in resale prices). It doesn't have the phenomenal bass slam of the BAT, but is much more detailed with better image focus. In the spectrum of tonality, it seems to be about in the middle between "warm" and "cold" (cold being something like an Audio Research D200 solid state amp - an amp that is cold, but has RAZOR sharp images). You do, however, have to be willing to put up with hearing the nasties in the rest of your system (and recordings). It's, as always, a tradeoff, and a matter of priorities - if you want the ease and relaxation of tubes (without the attendant shortcomings), the BAT is your amp. If you want detail and sharper images, the Plinius does the job. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at or even call me (best at work) at 212 469-6391. If you're in the NY area, I'd be happy to have you come over an have a listen. P.S. The rest of my system consists of ProAc Response 3.5's and a Meridian 563 dac upgraded to 24 bit with a 518 as a volume control (no preamp, although I do have an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 if you'd like to hear that in the chain). Good luck!!! Steve
thanks so very much steve for such a detailed explanation, that's what is impressive about us audiophiles,we go out of our ways to help others like us!!!!what a guy,AL