Plinius M8 or M16 preamp ? which one ?

to match my sa102.
I am confused, I thought m16 was better (more expensive) but the new M8 is said to be of the same quality as a linestage (I don't care about the phono).
The M8 is new and I have no chance to hear it, also in the recent ces , sa102 came with M8 as preamp.

Any info will help, any M8 owners ?? or did somebody made a A/B comparison ???
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I too own a SA102 and recently used a CD LAD pre. Cannot say I've heard the M8 or M16 with a SA102. IMHO, the SA102
is quite a clean and neutral sounding amp and I was looking for more of a tubey I bought a VTL TL 2.5 preamp. This is a straight linestage pre. And it's a very good match for the SA102. Not sure on your budget, though. Cheers, Mark.