Plinius M8 or ARC LS16MKII?

I'm looking for a preamp to mate with my Plinius SA-250 MK4 map. I don't have either of these two preamps available for audition in my area, so any suggestions would be welcomed.
The rest of my system:
Meridian 588
Dynaudio Contour 3.3
I've owned the LS16mkII and liked it a lot! I'm sure it would mate well with a SS amp, I used mine with an ARC VT-100MKIII (tube amp) and the sound was heavenly.

That's all I can offer

good luck
I'm not shure, but i believe plinius and ARC preamps are very different. M 16 is a very good preamp, i have compared it with an cello omega one preamp, and so the plinius is more realistic and true than the cello, but with the cello encore monopower blocks, it's different. But in using Quad ESL63 pro and plinius amp ( a SA 250 or a SA 102) and sonic frontier SFD1 mk2 and Audiomeca Lurné Mephisto, from our pointviews (me and two friends) the M16 is more true. But music is subjective.

Friendly Loïc from Bordeaux, FRANCE