Plinius m16 vs. Bat VK 5i

Has anyone compared these two ? I am currently using Audible illusions M3, but want to get a remote. Amp is Audio Research VT 130. Will Plinius match ? I want more bass out of my system !
i can't speak for the plinius or the bat, but if yure looking for bass, yule not be disappointed by the melos ma-333 (music director), or at a lesser price, the sha-gold (maestro). i have a music-director, and it's a great tube pre, w/remote for volume/balance. bass response is *excellent*.
Bat vk 5i is not the way to go for bass. The se versions (vk5se, 30se or 50se) will have more bass. I've owned the M3a, vk5i and vk5se.

Other than the bass, any additional perspectives on the VK5i vs VK5SE? Have you the opportunity to audition the 30SE? I appreciate your comments.

Thank you,