Plinius M16 or Plinius M8????

I just bought a Plinius SA-250mk4 and now I am thinking to buy a Preamp to match with it. After doing a few homework I can finalize the best two candidates will be either Plinius m16 or m8. Still prefer the m16 because of its phono section. Let me know what you think???
I have the Plinius M-16 with phone stage in one of my systems and like the preamp very much. I’m basically using that preamp because I really like the phone section, the preamp itself is very nice also and as you know, built like a tank. I have not heard the M-8, but if you are looking to save some space by not having to add an additional phone stage I think you would be happy with the M-16. I’m sorry I could not tell you the strengths and weaknesses of the M-16 v. M-8.
Hi Lak, look like you have a dream system that I always look up to. As you said, I think the M16 will be my first choice and let me know if you want to part with it.
Having owned both the 250 and the M16 I'd not match the 250 with the M16. My experience was the 16 is a "good" performer, just not a great performer. At the time I owned the 16 I had a BAT VK40 w/phono which, sonically speaking, blew the 16 out of the water. Great brick remote that doubles as a barbell exerciser though. Plinius builds superb amps, which one has to search far and wide, and generally spend megabucks to find better performance. However, I'm not a fan of their preamps, and found the 16 nothing special, even at the low prices they occasionally appear used. I'd mate most any BAT, or Pass, preamp with the SA250. I desired the 16, for reasons of manufacturer matching, to deliver the goods but in the end it could not. Great phono stage in the unit though!