Plinius M16 or Plinius CD LAD

whats the diffrence (in sound) bettwen this two preamps?
Hi. I have the Plinius M16. While it was being upgraded with Siltech G3 internally, I had the oportunity to heat the CD-LAD which was loaned to me.
1.The CD-LAD requires much less time to become musical (perhaps only 24-48 hours) whereas the M16 takes at least 2 weeks to show its' capabilities.
2.The CD-LAD is not as revealing and the bass is not as extended or detailed, but it is more forgiving and possibly slightly more musical and "round" in character. Neither will pass for a tube product, but when I experiment with a good tube preamp, I keep coming back to the Plinius.
3.The CD-LAD has less inputs and I do not know if it has a phono section option which the M16 does.
4.Remote is identical.
Hi Radman and AWA. I have only heard these two preamps in a friend's system (but had the M16 in my system for a few weeks a couple of years ago). I don't doubt you heard what you say Radman, but my take was different. The M16 sounded very nice through its phono section, but has never struck me as stellar as a line stage - merely good. The CD LAD struck me principally as faster, with better timing and with less grain. As a result of that experience I would not describe them as similar, and I remember preferring the LAD. Obviously things could be different in the US than in NZ because here the remote for the CD LAD is quite different (more functions) than the remote for the M16 (see Radman's last point).