plinius integrateds

Have you had a chance to a/b the Plinius 8100 with the 8200? The 8200 has more features but some seem to like the sound of the 8100 better. What do you think? Is the 8200 better in every way or does the 8100 have some advantages? Excluding price and features, which sounds better. Thanks
I don't know about the 8200 but the 8100
sounds fabulous. I don't own one but have done
extensive listening trough Totem Tabu spkrs and also
Maggie 1.6 QR. The maggies which are mine sounded
almost as good as with my Sim Moon W-5 which is very good indeed.
I wonder how much of one's opinion has to do whether you own an 8100 or an 8200? I can't say much about the side by side comparison, though I to have heard and used the 8100,and I like it, but given what I know about the importers and company(having had dealing with them on other items) you can't go wrong either way. In looking, I haven't seen anything in the 8200 that would make it sound worse, unless it was a situation of current draw or overloading by or of associated components etc. If I had a deal on an 8100 and it suited my needs I would buy it, If I needed a little more in convenience and function, I would go with the 8200, ain't a bad problem to have.
I have them side by side for one month now. I can't tell any difference between them. I am using Virgos and Khorus.
I think if your speakers are not efficient then you need the 8200 for more power( and phono), otherwise 8100 will do.
BTW, both of them sound wonderful. I had owned Classe CAP150, Creek 5350SE, Krell 300i and Musical Fidelity A300 and M3. Plinius beats them all except M3 has better transparency. 8100 and 8200 are very musical.