Plinius Hautonga or Hegel H360?

Hi guys I am getting to see several plinius Hautonga for sell currently, wondering if you guys had the chance to compare Hegel with plinius at some point.
I am sure some of you face the same dilemma since both retail the same and basically are equivalent to each other in the audio market.

Speakers I own Kef reference 1.
PS audio DS
Rega RP10
Plinius Koru

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I currently own the Plinius,I would say either would be a good choice .I went with Plinius because I owned the line before and knew what I was basically getting..Hegel I have no experience with...and obviously the Koru can go as the Hautonga has a bult in phono
Does Plinius junk-source to china?

Where all the power is needed on these Kef's is in the bottom end, quite broad between 2-3ohms, between 30hz to 200hz,, I be looking for amps that have good current delivery, amps with bi-polar (bjt)  output stages, before mosfet or tube.   
Look at the second last graph.

Cheers George
I spent about three hours listening to both models in a showroom with harbeth, vintage tannoy and spendor speakers. I found the plinius had etched highs that I couldn't fix. Could have been the room, the wires, my source material or the Dac but that's why I crossed it off the list. Many goners have great experiences with the plinius so take my experience as one of many to consider. 
I have owned Harbeths(never liked them at all)currently own vintage Tannoy reds(for investment only),never had Spendors but ill agree the Plinius isnt that great with that type speaker..IMO more suited for a quicker more dynamic setup.I just thought since he knew or should know owning the Koru the "house sound" of Plinius that  it would be a better or easier move...