Plinius - experiences/opinions

I'm looking for a quality (used) integrated amp to sit between my Shahinian Arcs and Jolida JD100 CDP. Plinius is reckoned to be a good match for Shahinian speakers but:

a) there are a number of different models to choose from on the used market: 8100, 8150, 9100, 9200. I'd appreciate any feedback on the real-world differences between these models.

b) there seems to be an awful lot of Plinius gear available used, which makes me wonder whether the gear has more downsides than Plinius enthusiasts make out.

I'd love to hear about people's experiences with Plinius gear before making a decision. I listen mostly to small group jazz and blues these days. This is a two channel, line-level only system.

Thanks in advance.

Los Altos, CA

I've never had any problems with my 8150 over some 5 years, and I still enjoy the warmish (but not lush and slow/soggy) sound.

If it ever does appear for sale it means I've won the lottery and am in the process of buying new Plinius Class A separates. The 8150 comes close to the 100w separates available from Plinius at the time I purchased it.
For jazz and blues I'd go with the Plinius. For detailed choral arangements or complex string ensembles I'd go with the Bedini amps.
I have a couple friends with Plinius gear and neither has ever had any trouble whatsoever. I suspect the sales reflect folks moving up to separates rather than any reliability issues.

They do sound great with Shahinians.

I gather that the pre section on the 9200 is probably a bit better than the previous mdoels.

However, I heard my friend's 8150 not too long ago and it sounds darned fine. Great, in fact.
I have a Plinius CD-LAD preamp and it's great, if you mainly listen to CD's.

I would also tell you that Peter Thomson at Plinius is a great guy!! The type of customer services they provide is second to none. Whatever Plinius equipment you'd get you'll be happy with the quality, durability, and service. What else to ask for?
I find my Plinius amps to be excellent in sound, workmanship and quality. I'm a believer therefore I recently purchased a new SB-300 amp. Trouble free IMO.
I use a 9200 with Shahinian Obelisks. It has noticeably tighter bass than the 8200 Mk1 I had before--but both are very nice.

Yeah i'm looking at Plinius amps for my Shahinian Diapasons...and Bedini!

Shahinian recommends Plinius for sure...but i reckon Belles, Innersound, Mcintosh and some of the new digital amps would work wonders. The reason that Shahinian isnt going for Bedini anymore is their scarcity in the marketplace.

I'm still looking too!

The new Plinius P8 or SA-201 are great, although if you have access to used Plinius Amps, at a good price, I would also recommend them. I think C.A. is about the only place you`ll find "lots" of used Plinius gear, I`ve been looking for ages and can`t find any used Plinius gear in Europe. If you have the chance also listen to the new CD player from Plinius "CD-101", make sure you have enough $$$$$ with you, because once you`ve heard it, you`ll want to buy it.