Plinius class A vs. class AB sound difference?

I am considering purchasing a Plinius amp. I have read that many audiophiles do not hear a difference in an SA100 when it is switched between class A and Class AB modes of operation. If this is indeed the case, then would a Plinius 8200p (power amp; not the integrated) which is supposedly the same class AB circuitry found in the SA100, sound identical to the SA100?
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Here is another vote for the Plinius SA-102. As far as your question on the difference from A/B to class A, in my system it's quite noticeable. Much more subtle detail and more spacial clues. The definition of each note is more realistic. I must advise that on my older less revealing system the differences of the original SA-100 were not as pronounced but still easily discernable. I would not advise anything less than Class A if your looking for the ultimate and your system is capable of delivering.
I totally agree with all review before me on this forum,
its obvious they own and indeed they are full of information
and i learned too. Thanks you guys.
Let me just share, to my experience with my plinius
mark 11 when i played to AB its really good, but to me
switching to A its a differrent level of listening,IMHO i
notice the first 10 to 15 minutes after switching to Class
A i dont hear the difference too, at least 1 hour after
music began to involve me more,it disect the inner part
of the emotions of the music,more transparent and clearer.
but i believe i like the Class A mode.
anyway thanks again.
Does the Plinius 102 run hot in ab mode ?? --- I have a problem with a heater in the house during the summer months, and was hoping to be able to run it in ab mode and still get good sound.......
To elaborate on my response - I agree with Jayctoy's description, after reading this post I listened to my amp in class ab for a few nights and was less involved in the experience than in class a. It is nice to be back to class a, it is more liquid and pure. In class a the music has a nice 'inner glow'. This is fine amplifier.

I guess switching back and forth between the two tells you very little, I agree it must take a while for the change to occur.
Reziech: I have an SA102 and it barely gets warm in A/B mode.