Plinius CD player

Has anyone auditioned it? Any word on its availability? It'll be very interesting to have it compared to other cd players like the Wadia 302. Its integration with Plinius amps has to be seriously good indeed.

...only if minimal display is not important to you. I believe the only information being displayed is the track number.
I have not heard a burned in one yet, so it is too early to say anything more than it is very promising. I can say that this is clearly a Plinius design, not just another CD Player stuffed in a Plinius box. Very notable is the attention to a solid physical foundation for the transport mechanism. Handling their newer gear it is clear the new wrap around fronts add to the physical integrity of all their equipment.
heard it today at their asking price it is an absolute
steal player had no immediately recognizable flaws and believe me I was trying my damnest to hear some. Actually was very very close to equaling my GNSC statement Wadia 861 se. This player is very musical overall also. it sounds like what 8 to 10k retail list price performance should cost
I urge you to hear this player somewhere. A absolute giant killer I say it is. comparison was in my system also. The display is quite different but the sonic performance of it will make the display irrelevant.
Hey, Mejames!

Saying that this player is "very very close to equaling a GNSC statement Wadia 861 se, very musical, it sounds like what 8 to 10k retail list price performance should cost" is quite impressive. I think I'm going to check it out. I have a 9200 int amp and I'm sure its integration with this new cd player will be outstanding.
Any idea on price in the U.S.?
$3650 I recall
I have now heard a run in one. It matched or beat out or was only slightly edged by some of the best company us guys contemplate - Wadia, YBA, Resolution Audio, Audio Aero, etc. Worth a try for sure (especially if you live in NZ where they are silly cheap).
I should add, I found it quite un-Plinius-like. In general I find the Plinius power amps to have a kind of muscular swagger but to be quite colored and not very lively. Impressive on first listen but over time the lack of life and sparkle gets to you. The CDP is nothing like that - it is fast and has a lighter touch. Those that love Plinius may not like this CDP. If you have similar reservations about the Plinius sound to me, this CDP is something else.
Plinius CD-101 Review by AudioEnz in New Zealand.