Plinius 9200 vs 8200 mkII

Ok, who has heard both of these and can compare them?

I will update this thread shortly; as I've got the 9200 arriving this week and review of it forthcoming. I've also owned the Plinius 8100, 8150, 8200mkI, & 8200mkII.

till then.
Mfish, what does the 9200 retail for?

Im ready to hear your impressions.....


9200 retail is $3,500 usd
the 8200mkII was $3,000 usd

I think the 8200mkII was bumped to $3300 the last few months of it's life. Maybe this took place officially but not in practice.

My 9200 is still breaking in as of this writing. One thing I can say at this point, is that it is absolutely stunning to look at. The pictures do not do it justice.
Hi Mfish. Any initial impression on the 9200? I've just bought one myself, upgrading from the 8200mk1. But will not hook it up yet till after probably another week.

I got the silver finish, and you're right, the pics do not do it justice - looks stunning, hope it sound just as good.

Come on MFish, stop teasing and give us the goods

...will be posting a partial write-up this weekend...
here are some of my observations of the 9200 within this Dali review link:

Dali and Plinius 9200