Plinius 9200 phono stage w/Clearaudio Emotion CMB?

I have decided to purchase the new Clearaudio Emotion CMB with the Maestro cartridge and was wondering if the phono stage in the Plinius 9200 integrated is a good match. I do not have the opportuntiy to demo this with my amp so any feedback is much appreciated.

Dear Brian: I never heard your Plinius but from its specs the Maestro is a good match. I can't see any serious trouble whith -

regards and enjoy the music.
Perhaps completely unrelated, but my Clearaudio Symphony cartridge (VPI TT) paired with the 9200 may be requiring a separate phono stage w/ gain adjustment. I wouldn't have thought so, using the hi-gain setting with this 0.7 output, but it presents a buzzing sound that increases with volume that isn't there using low gain with a previous Clearaudio Aurum cartridge or (as a check) with the Symphony at low gain. Checked about every other possible source of that noise. Wasn't present in any combo other than the TT and amp.

At this point, it could also just be a problem with the amp. I'm going to be hooking up a separate phono stage w/ adjustable gain in the next few days to see if indeed that solves the problem.
A follow-up to my original response. Forget gain issue . . . the issue lies with just how noisy the high-gain phono setting on the 9200 is. May be just this amp, but I've run across similar comments from other owners.

Similar tactic thought . . . I'll check out a separate phono pre with the amp.