Plinius 9200 Driving Magnepan 3.6Rs

Hi .. I am fairly new to this site, however I do have a question that is on my mind. I own a Plinius 9200 Integrated Amp ... and am auditioning a pair of Magnepan 3.6R speakers. My question/concern ... when driven to acceptable volumes (volume control to around 11 o'clock or slightly greater) how hot should I expect this amplifier to run with the Maggie's load? It would seem to me that it's rather hot after about 30 minute's use, but I have no reference to compare it to. Should I choose more efficient speakers with a higher impedance?? Or is the Plinius a normally hot running amp. It is located in a well ventilated in an open rack. Any comments/advice would be much appreciated!!
Sorry, Krell's as well, can't leave them out. McIntosh's do not match. Even the 500W boys. I don't know what, but they never sounded right to me.
Hi Mac, have you tried and compared the Krell (specifically the 400xi) and the Innersound ESL300? If yes, would very much like to hear your comment esp. the midrange. Thanks.
RFstock,I wanted to know what was the sound quality of the Plinius and the 1.6
IMO, the Plinius 8200 was a good match except for 2 things, namely relative lack of power in a large room but I think a smaller room might be o.k. Secondly, the Plinius might be a tad slow.

The Krell integrated are better because it addressed the 2 short coming, i.e. power and speed. It's also slightly more detailed and goes lower in the bass. Beside these issues, the main differences is in the midrange. The Plinius more lush and euphonic (some may say it's colored) and the Krell more neutral and it's up to each persons' preference.
Sorry it took me so long to get back. I have used a buddies Krell 400cx to great effect. Loved the sound. That said, I like the Innersounds much better. Much great bass extension and overall definition. Plus, the Krell was HUGE and ran hot in comparison. I don't even turn on my cooling fan for my cabinet anymore. I love the Innersounds. I actually test drove the new much more expensive Innersound 300 amp, and couldn't hear any improvment over the MKIII, plus, I like the look of the older ones, albeit those without the switch on the front.

Good luck.

PS - we're all just a bunch of dorks aren't we??