Plinius 9200 and power conditioning

I've been using a Hydra-4 with Copperhead power cables into my Plinius 9200. It reduced high end hash and added richness/fullness but greatly reduced soundstage depth and space around instruments compared to use of the Copperhead alone (i.e., no Hydra).

I'd like to keep the good attributes and eliminate the bad one obviously. I understand that Plinius does not recommend power conditioning for their amps.

Thanks for your recommendations!.......Terry
The Hydra doesn't limit current so you are ok to use it. If it was transformer based then you would hear reduced dynamic...
That was my understanding as well. I do not understand why it has had such a detrimental affect on the soundstage depth.

Any ideas on that?
Try calling Galen Carol at GC Audio in Texas.