Plinius 9100 vs Luxman L-505U

Plinius 9100 is very excellent IMHO. Anybody compare it with Luxman integrated, for example L-505U? Would Luxman be better? Any comments are welcome!
I had Plinius 9100. Believe or not, Rotel RA1520 sound
better than Plinius. There is no contest between Plinius
versus Luxman L505u. But again, everything is about synergy.
I have B&W 803S and JBL L100T3. My friend brought L505u in
my house and sound was amazing.
Interesting. Based on my experience, Plinius 9100 was better than some amps I have owned, including Musical Fidelity A308 pre-amp and amp, Marantz PM-11S1, YBA DT. 9100 sounds natural, organic, which I like.
Yup, indeed interesting. I found the older Plinius 8200 to clearly outperform an MF A308 integrated IMS, and this MF significantly outperformed a NAD and Rotel integrated, again IMS. The 8200 was later replaced by a 9200, which was even more superior in transparency. I believe the 9100 is sonically identical to this 9200. Having said that the new Luxman is very highly regarded, and looks handsome. It may come down to a matter of system synergy and taste between the two.
the 9100
You are absolutely right. Speaker cables, interconnects
also affects the sound. I've heard that Plinius sounds
great with Totem speakers. Years in the back (80's) JBL's were
most popular speakers. When I hooked up JBL L100T3 to
Luxman L505u sound was amazing. Bass strong and tight,
silky mids, but highs so crisp that i had to make sure that
is treble knob on flat position. With B&W sound was also
great, little bit less bass but beautiful 3D sound. Sound was
like behind the speakers. Something similar I experienced
with Pathos Logos.
Reports that I've been hearing are that the new Luxman gear is tremendously good. I'd love to hear some of it.
For some dumb reason, I'm sure, I just can't get past the look of any Plinius gear- I know, a very stupid way to evaluate gear, especially when it's not seen much, but there it is. That being said, I'm also not that dumb to know that if it sounds great I'd love it regardless. Still....
Kiza - your response about Rotel surpassing Plinius gear is particularly interesting since you recently sold a 9100 integrated on Audiogon.

Your reason for selling was because you were moving up to Plinius separates. Here's the link, in case this escapes your memory.

Any thoughts?
LOL no response yet?