Plinius 9100 vs 9200

I own a Plinius 9100 which I bought used on Audiogon and am generally pleased with it for what I paid, but I'd like to upgrade to a better integrated. I listen to rock and classical. THe rest of the system consists of a benchmark DAC and Harbeth Monitor 30 speakers.

The Plinius is generally good with rock though it can be slightly harsh on the high end (possibly partly due to Benchmark). On classical music it lacks the subtlety of the (much more expensive) CJ tube gear I used to own.

Is the 9200 an improvement over the 9100? I have not seen a thread on this.

What SS integrated would improve classical performance but still have enough slam for rock?


The Benchmark may get some of criticism, but one thing it is not is harsh. I would not consider it to be the culprit. I've only heard it to be very pleasing, slightly laid back, crystal clear with absolutely no distortion or harshness.
I recall reading a post at audioenz forum from the former top techie guy at Plinius who felt the 9100 is actually more musical than its bigger brother. Others feel the two sound very similar.

I've owned a 9200 since 2003 when it first came out and one thing I can solidly suggest, if you have not done so, is to invest in a decent power chord. The effect of a good PC on the 9200 is amazing. This is of course assuming the 9100 is just as PC sensitive as the 9200.

Go back to tubes :-)
Agree with the power cord comment, but my guess is that you are already using a good cord. If you haven't tried a different/better cord - say a good Shunyata helix or equivalent - you might go there first to see what that does to smooth out the higher registers on the 9100.

The Harbeth is not that sensitive, but also not rated for massive power either. The tube idea is a good one if you crave warmth and "continuousness", but to get the kind of authority you need for quality classical and rock reproduction, I think you generally would need to go to with tube separates. How about a hybrid?

I have read but not heard that the 9200 is brighter and more forward than the 9100 (maybe more Krell-like?). Focusing on the middle to upper end of the recommended power range, I would look at these excellent integrated amps:

1. Bryston B100-SST

2. Creek Destiny

3. Musical Fidelity A5.5 or A1008

4. NAD M3 Dual Mono

5. Naim Nait XS or Supernait (lower advertised power, but Naim sound)

6. Vincent Audio SV-236 MKII Hybrid
I probably shouldn’t butt-in however since I owned (and enjoyed) a 9100 and have listened quite a few times to the 9200 I’ll offer my 2 cents. IMO Plinius beats hands down 1-4 above. I haven’t heard 5 & 6 so I can’t comment. It is however, no match for CJ tube gear, which I presently own as well. The 9100 is the more delicate of the two and I would think the better match for the Harbeths. In addition to a good power cord, both the 9100 and 9200 will benefit significantly if run on 220v. If you like the CJ sound, why don’t you try their integrated?
I own a c-j CA 200 (the integrated mentioned above) and I don't know if it sounds like their tubes but it is a very nice sounding integrated. The one word description that always comes to my mind is "sweet".
Hi -

If ever looking to sell your 9100, let me know! I am looking for the 8200MKII or the 9100.

Thanks, David