Plinius 9100 or 9200 for totem hawks

Looking at these to amps for hawks. Asked Totem but of course they would not comment on any amp. My room size is small
12X10 dedicated listening room upstairs. Pretty new at this
so would appreciate any help. Wanted to stay with one of these two solid states. Listen to mostly Jazz and some rock.
Plinius makes an excellent product.Just go into a store and A/B it versus a competitor and you'll see for yourself.There are so many good products out there so it depends on price point and current demands of speaker (Totems are pretty easy load especially in that size room).I was just looking at somebody comparing good bass of Bryston and god mids of Pass and somebody threw in McIntosh (which I sold and have owned as well as Bryston).I am a jazz guy who occasionally wants to kick out the jams with rock so I am changing my horns and 40 watt tubes(great for jazz/small acostic are my speakers but no large ensemble o strong dynamic music) and will look at new Class D amps (PS,Bel Canto,Wyred etc) for a change.But one thing about Plinius it's a great amp for guys like us because people always say "where do they hide the tubes" meaning they have great mids as well as bass.A good choice that I'd put o top10 or 20 amp brands out there.Think you'll really dig them
I would say the 9200 is a better purchase. Yes, it costs more, but think resale holds up better because it has a good phono stage, which makes it attractive to a broader group of buyers. It also has more power, which means you could keep it down the road if you change to less efficient speakers. I had the 9200 for a little and really liked it. I have owned the Totem Forests, and have listened to the Hawks. I think this is a good combination and you will be very happy. Others I would suggest is Sim i-5LE, YBA Passion Integre, or Pathos Classic/Logos.