Plinius 8200P or Bryston 3B-SST for Maggie 1.6 QRs

The only thing I have now is the Music Hall CD-25 player and I am planing on getting a pair of Maggies 1.6 QR.
Both price and the power rating are close. Bryston has a way longer warrantee, but I don't think the Plinius will die very soon anyway.

Has anyone try A/B these 2 amps with the 1.6 or other speakers and how do they compare?

I listen to pretty much everything, but Heavy metal and Rap.

I would really appreciate any suggestion regarding these two amp. with the maggie or in general

Also any suggestion on the preamp to go along with either amps? I only have 2-300 left after the amp.

Is the foreplay (bottleneck) that good? I have seen a rave review. If it's that good could someone give me some idea about what product level it can compete too?

Thanks a lot,


PS I know the CD-25 may become my weakest link if I get this set up that the upgrade is possible in near future.

Also I have done a lot of searching on AG before asking this question, but just wanna hear more about it. It's probably impossible to audition them before getting ones.
I meant bottlehead, not bottleneck. It must be too early morning!!

Any thought is appreciated.

I think both of these amps would do a nice job (but a 4B-ST would do better...). You could always get a Plinius integrated that would negate needing a preamp...
The 3-B SST is an excellent amplifier. The ST series was quite good. The SST is considerably better I feel; greater power, bass slam and staging. In fact the new 3-B SST reminds me of the power and slam as previous generation 4-B! Additionally, Bryston's have always worked extremely well with Maggie's. As far as a matching pre --the BP-25 Bryston is extremely quiet, neutral with fine bass extension, staging and dynamics. Again, a wonderful match for the 3-B SST and Maggies.

peter jasz
I just run across the Classe CAP150/151. How are they? The power seem to be enough for the 1.6, but I have no idea how they sound. Will they match well with the 1.6?

I prefer to limit by budget to around 1K so the 8200 integrated is out of my reach.


I did not have much success with the Bryston (4b-st) and the Magnepan 1.6 QR. The bass was ill defined and the midrange was lacking in dynamics, dull and dimensionless.

A much better match was with the Marsh A400 or BAT VK-200. Both of these amps gave the speakers life. An even better match was with the BAT VK-60. At only 60 watts this amp gave the midrange even more life and a tonal richness that can only be achieved with tubes. I've seen some listings for this amp at below 2K, which is an incredible bargain. I achieved the best sound with the VK-60 and a Placette passive preamp. The Placette can be replaced with any high quality passive (around $300 used) for less money if you do not need the remote control.
AKE - if your budget is around $1000 you won't be getting a Bryston 3B-SST for near that amount - its too new a model. If you also require a preamp (based on your comment on the Bottlehead...) then no doubt your budget for both components is more than $1K and that is why I suggested the Integrated Plinius as opposed to the straight amplifier + a preamp...
When I had Maggie 1.6's, my wife made me sell them or they may very well be in my current system, I had them mated to a Classe CA-150 amplifier. It was a nice combination. It is my understanding that the CAP 150/151 is very similar in power and ability as my CA-150 was. The only deficiency in comparison to the Bryston 3-B was in bass response. The Bryston 3-B was clearly better in that regard. The Classe was, in my opinion, the better match in all other parameters with the 1.6's.
I know someone very knowledgeable who thinks the Plinius 8200P is better than the Innersound amp with 1.6's.

If that is true than you should try to listen to one as the Innersound amp in my sytem was very nice indeed.

I now have the Plinius SA100 MKIII and it is very musical, the instruments seem illuminated from within, very special.

I bet the 8200P has some of the same qualities as my amp.
Dear Ake,
I too have the Magnepan 1.6qr's.
I owned the YBA Integre' DT, and then moved up to the Plinius 8200. Both were very nice pieces and you won't go wrong with either.

I have since purchased the Mcintosh MA6500. I like it much better than the others, better overall sound, build, looks and flexibility. I thought the tone controls were very "NON"
audiophile. In fact,I have found them quite useful. (They are removed from the signal path at flat.)

The remote, phono preamp are also great. Put the Plinius side by side with the McIntosh and compare for yourself. My Mac dealer let me take it home, I was suprised!

Hope this helps, Happy Listening,