Plinius 8200P MkII = great

Hi, I write this post because I have seen in the forum a mention to a former thread I made several days ago, saying that I had a bass problem with a Plinius 8200P MkII amp.

I think that I have found the problem, and it is not the Plinius at all. I´ve tested it with other components and the amp is OK. It wasn´t even a lack of synergy.

The Plinius has a very good deep and controlled bass, and sweet and defined mids and highs.

I think I have found the reasons of my problem, and as soon as I solve it I will post it, just as a curiosity.

I only write this now because my opinion was wrong with the amp, and I don´t want people to take wrong conclusions about it.

Aren't you using Van Alstine Transcendence 7 preamp ? I'm curious if you have had some experience with any of the Plinius integrateds, as compared to your Van Alstine/Plinius combo. I currently have a Plinius 8200 MkI integrated and was considering looking at the Van Alstine stuff.I've got the Meadowlark Osprey speakers.
Yes, I am using a Van Alstine preamp, I don´t know their amps, but some people say they are a great combo.
I am sorry that this won´t help you, but there is no dealer for Plinius here in Spain, and I had not the chance to test the Plinius integrateds, the 8200 MkII is said to have more current than the MkI. I don´t know your speakers.
Good luck