Plinius 8200 vs. 9100 -Which one?

I'm looking to buy a warm SS integrated amp and have wanted the Plinius for some time now, but never took the plunge. I'm looking at the lower end of their products or older discontinued.

Which is the better sounding amp of these two? The older higher powered 8200 or the newer lowered powered 9100 integrated? (I have 4 ohm, 87db speakers in a 18'-22' room in a lively minimalist room w/ hardwood floors.)

Furthermore, does someone know what is the difference between the 8200 mki vs. mkii, and is there a sonic difference?

Thanks fellow A'goners
Probably not what you want to hear, but I suggest you stick with your vintage Sansui.
I can tell you the difference between the 8200 and the 8100 were night and day. I would imagine the 8200 would actually still sound better than the newer 9100. I had the 8100 for several years and then the 8200 for several years after that.
I had the 9200 since it was introduced in 2003, sonically my impression (and some others) is that the 9100 is similar in competency. The 9200 was significantly superior to the 8200Mk1 I used to own, so i'm guessing the 9100 will be a solid step up from an 8200Mk1. Not sure of the M2 though. HTH.
Your AU-717 is a fine integrated. I don't think your system will get much of a lift by spending money on another integrated amp. I've owned the 8200 MKII... it's a good, warm sounding int. amp, but lacks transparency. Consider putting your money into better speakers.
Thanks Pdreher,
Interesting that the Plinius lacks transparency. I would have not thought that to be the case, though in our lively minimalist room we have to be careful of a high res system. Incidentally the Dynaco are fine speakers and better than many other vintage speakers. It is funny, I have TT based audiophile tube system in a spare room that I don't use that often, and to tell you the truth, I enjoy using this one more and enjoy the lack of pretense it has. I wouldn't mind a remote and that was my interest in the Plinius, but I can easily do w/o a remote. Thanks for your input.

I have an 8200 MKII, and I really don't see myself moving on to another integrated. I also happen to use inefficient speakers as well (Vandersteen 2Ce Signature).

As far as I know, the MKII had a lot of improvements to the phono stage compared to the MKI, and I believe a couple of other small things (can't remember right now).

No way does this amp "lack transparency". What does that even mean - not enough high end sizzle?!

The best way I can describe the Plinius is that it's very smooth and refined - plus it kicks your butt at the same time.
Thanks Theunderlyingtheme for your insights. The amp may be a little more laid back than what Pdreher likes. 10 years ago I auditioned the Plinius CD Lad preamp and while it was detailed, it wasn't squeaky clean and pristine, so maybe that is what he means by transparency. I can use an amp that is not over the top in my situation.
With your room and speakers I'd opt for the extra power of the 8200, if you can't spring for a 9200. I'd also go for the mkii. I had both and the mkii is bit more refined, a but more detailed not in a bright way just a bit more information gets through. I currently have a 9200 I've had for 5 year's just haven't found the need to upgrade
Thanks Erik,
I think your right that more power would be nice in the living/dining combination room of out row house. Wish I could afford the 9200 that is why I said the 8200 instead.

I've read for service that they need to be returned to New Zealand and I live in NC that has no dealers. I'm wondering if I should look into Classe' or Bryston incase I need service?

Nope, you won't have to send it to New Zealand for service.

The USA distributor for Plinius is based in Los Angeles, and there's a guy there who can provide the name of a tech closest to your area of the country.
theres a wonderful Certifed Plinius repair person in NC..n Raleigh.
THE ANALOG STORE....Alex is a great guy, honest and very capable.