Plinius 8200 v. Musical Fidelity Tri. v. SimI5

Which integrated would be best to drive B&W 604 S3. What other integrateds would be suggested.
You're in luck, I have had owned the I-5, Plinius and Nu-Vista which is very similar to the Tri-Vista. All three are very good amps. I still have the Plinius and MF and think that the Nu-Vista is the best of the three. If I had to rank them, I would put the Nu-Vista first and then the Plinius and Sim and tied for second. All three are very good amps, but the MF is more refined, detailed and richer sounding than the other two. I feel like the MF is a combination of the Plinius' open airy sound and the Sim Audio's tight rhytmic presentation.

Truthfully, I would upgrade your speakers if you got the Musical Fidelity, and would considering upgrading soon if you got either of the other two amplifiers. If you need any more advice, please feel free to email me.
If you're looking for ultra transparency, highs and midrange that are simply wonderful (not to mention superb build).
What luck to hear from someone with experience of all three. Thanks for the suggestion on speakers. I will probably take you suggestion when the budget allows.
Even if Nu-Vista bests all Plinius 8200 used is the best bang for a buck with excellent phono.
I would go tubes with your b&ws, and probably would upgrade your speaks before plunking 2500 on an integrated.

The Plinius would probably work best, as the Sim is a brighter piece to go with B&Ws. I'm not a Musical Fidelity fan at all. The Classe integrateds go pretty well as to the MCs with B&W. And of course, some swear by Krell & B&W.

Aren't differing opinions great?
Another consideration is the Plinius 8200 Mk II, which is a significant step up from the 8200 Mk I (if you can get by with 100w/ch instead of 175/ch, a used Plinius 8100 is a great buy). Good luck.

What about the Krell KAV-300il? I just bought one and think it's really superb, certainly for the money. I've also read many accounts of the synergy between Krell and B&W, though I can't vouch for it myself.
For the kind of money you're talking about, you could consider separates by such companies as Quad and Marsh (which I've been auditioning and impressed by).

This does give you some more flexibiltiy if, for instance, you want to add a sub and use its high pass crossover.
I have had the Plinius with my B&W for almost two years now. I always liked it but never tried anything else. When i went to home theatre i used the pre out on my sony ES receiver to the plinius utilizing the power amp portion. I then bought and tried the Musical Fidelity A3.2 poweramp and boy am I pleased. Much more accurate and detailed. Voices are great. I feel like listening to all my old cd's again. I cannot imagine what the Nu-vista is like but i think the 3.2 is better than the Plinius. To prove it my Plinius will go up for sale as soon as I get around to it.