Plinius 8200 MKII biamped with the 8200P?

Has anyone ever tried this combintion in a vertical biamp configuration? Which amp goes to the highs and which to the lows? What has been your impression of vertically integrating these amps verses runnning on the MKII alone?
What speakers do you use in this setup?

I know its a lot of questions but I am wondering about this biamp setup?
Plinius likes heavy speakers such as JM Lab electra, Verity, Totem Mani2 or Avalons and sounds with them very musical and worm just like tubes. The main benefit of bi-amplification is you double class A operation.
Normally I would place the poweramp at the bottom as it definitely acts faster and have different power supply for impedance dips.
Totem is known for its small speakers.
I live in New Zealand about an hour away from the small factory where this marvel of sound reproduction originates.I have the exact configuration you mentioned.I have tried it both ways and I can't hear any difference with thse Image 414's (also NZ made) these are floor standing with 2 x 8.0 '' drivers and a dome tweeter
( Israeli made drivers)..they are first class speakers and I also use their active AV1 sub as well, but not for all music.
As for the difference from just using the 8200 intergrated alone, it really lifts the level another notch to have the bi amp set up.Good cabling helps, I use Kimber 16 strand per pair.
I am just going over to home theatre now and I have decided to use the Linn Classik movie system Di as a DVD player and processor (superb) and use the pre outs to go to the plinius amps for the left, right, centre, and centre rear channels.The Linns own on board amp then only has to feed a line out to the sub (active) and the rear surrounds.
This will give an equivalent of $40K upwards sound quality for a fraction of the cost.Plinius amps are less then US$2000 each in NZ...for the 8200 series.....the Linn is around US$4500.


Wellington New Zealand.