Plinius 8200 - mkI or mkII?


I recently sold my beloved Plinius 2100i only because I had the opportunity to buy an 8200 in an immaculate state.

After my purchase, I noticed that this model (8200) has two versions; the mkI and the mkII. I understand the differences between the two lie in an upgraded phono stage and a more potent power supply. 

My question is, how can one know which version is which? Since in terms of looks, there seems to be no difference between them. The person I bought it from, says it is a mkII and the instructions manual provided refer as being a mkII. But they are black and white sheets of paper with no information regarding the device itself (no serial number, date, etc), so I'm guessing they were just downloaded from the internet. 

Don't get me wrong; I'm pleased beyond words with my purchase. Sonically there's an overwhelming difference between both models. I just wanted to be sure about the versions, and how one can tell if it is a mkI or a mkII.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Best bet would be to try to contact Plinius with your unit's serial number handy:
Well, that's a clever way of solving this. Just followed your link and sent them a message. Hopefully, they will answer.

Thank you.