Plinius 8200 Mk II vs. MF Nu Vista M3/MF A 308

Has anyone compared the Plinius 8200MK II with the Musical Fidelity Nu Vista M3 or the new MF A308? I recently bought the MF Nu Vista 3D cd player (to replace my MF A3CD) and JM Lab Mini Utopia (to replace my Dynaudio 1.3MkII). Hence, I am now contemplating on changing my amp as I think that the MF Nu Vista M3 or MF A 308 would match well with my new CD player and the sensitive MINI utopia speakers.

Unfortunately, the M3 is no longer available here in the Philippines so my options would be to either get an A308, wait for someone to dispose a used M3 amp, try the new choke regulated A3.2cr or just stick with the Plinius 8200MkII. Any comments or suggestions? Suggestions for other integrated amps for the speakers is welcome, I heard yba passions are a good match but they aren't readily available in the Philippines and would have to be ordered 1 month in advance with payment.

By the way cables are analysis plus 9 and interconnects are DH Labs airmatrix. Everything is plugged into an audioprism foundation 2 (still thinking of which power cables to get, perhaps the kimber pk 10). Music taste is Jazz and vocals. Thanks.
I have recently purchased a YBA Passion integrated. I'm driving JM Lab Micro Utopias. I've had it now for about 2 weeks. Prior to this I was driving it with a Cary tube amp. The sound is different. The YBA is faster and has more extension on both the high end and the low end. the Cary his a cleaner mid. The reason I chose the YBA was two fold. Both YBA and JM Lab are French companies. At this year's CES show here JM Lab launched their new Utopia's at the show. They chose to drive them with the YBA passion integrated. You know that they want to put their best foot forward and they chose ths amp. this forced me to do a lot of research. everything I read here and Stereophile indicated that this amp was a special amp. So far I agree!
I'd get the m3 i think its a lot better than the a308 as it has chokes and higher quality parts. Lastly check out smjason's system on audiogon's virtual system he has the exact same system as you, maybe you should ask him for help. He is very knowledgable. Thanks, - ian