Plinius 8150i inegrated or Bryston 4BST

Please help me picking one to use with my Lex MC1 for the main L/R channels. I want the best possible for 2 channels music as well as for HT. I can use the 8150i as 2 channels power amp for my MC1 for HT and as integrated amp for two channels music. I just have to flip the switch in its back. There're two scenerios I need help: 1. 4BST and MC1: I'll use my Onkyo C600 DVD player 's digital out into my MC1 and use the MC1's D/A converter then the MC1's L/R out to my 4BST. 2. 8150i and MC1: I'll have to use analog L/R out from my DVD player into the 8150i and use the 8150i as integrated amp and thus by passing the MC1's D/A converter. This case I use the my DVD internal D/A converter instead and completely eliminate the MC1. In both cases above, I strictly talk about two channels music and use my DVD player to play CD music. Which case(1 or 2) do y'all think is a winner? For Home theater: How about the 8150i as power amp for my MC1's main channels compare to the 4BST power amp for my MC1's main channel. I use the Sherbourn 5/1500 5 channels amp to power my center, 2 sides and 2 rears. My main front L/R speakers are Mirage OM6. Please help!!!! Thanks

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Definately go with the Plinius. The Bryston is a fine amp but I personally like the Plinius better. For just movies the MC-1 is outstanding but it definately would be the week link when it comes to music so you would be best to try and eliminate it from the chain when enjoying 2 channel.