plinius 8150 vs goldmund sri2

just wanted to know which integrated amp is better
I have the 8150 and am really wondering what all fuss is for. It has a bloated image, very unmusical sound, and crosstalk between every channel. I personally prefer the musicality of the cheaper YBA integre DT. I have not heard Goldmund's sri2, but I've owned other more expensive Goldmunds in the past. Based on that I would definitely recommend you opt for the sri2. I've had the bigger Pilinius 250 here in my system as well. It has the same unnatural, unmisical sound as the 8150. rgds, david k.
I have listened to the Goldmund integrated and bought the Plinius instead. It is smooth, musical and detailed with good dynamics and delicacy; almost tubelike midrange. The Goldmund is also a very good unit but slightly less rich and slightly thinner and brighter; however bass is slightly tighter. It really depends on the rest of your system, your listening room and your cables as to which unit will be the best match. Good Luck!!
It must depend on what system you put them in, of course. For me the Goldmund is more true to life. The Plinius is like having a warm blanket thrown around you. This can be a good thing in a cold, bright system, and if the overall result is neutral then fine.