Plinius 8150 vs. 8200 Mk II

I currently use a Plinius 8150 in a small listening room with Tyler reference monitors and a Linn Ikemi CDP. What changes might I expect if I upgraded to the Plinius 8200 Mk II?
Thank you, Joel
none..they have the identical sonic character..

Though very close they are definately not identical sounding. I've owned the 8150, 8100, 8200mkI, 8200mkII, and have ordered the new 9200. Though a shared Plinius 'sound' is consistent between the 8150 and 8200mkII [and the other models] -- they are not identical. The 8150 is softer sounding and slightly more laid back. The 8200mkII in contrast, sounds as 'tubey/analog' but with more slam and better articulation in the mid/lower bass. The highs on the 8200mkII are not as rolled-off, and express better detail as compared with the 8150. In my experience the overall dynamics of the 8200mkII are a step-up from the 8150. I found the weakest of the bunch to be the 8200 mkI, and I think Plinius agreed as it was very quickly changed/updated to the mkII.
My comments on the 8200:

Here are some of my thoughts on the Plinius 9200 as mentioned within my write-up of the Dali MS4's

Dali and Plinius 9200