Plinius 8150?

I heard alot of good stuffs about this Amp. What do y'all think compare to those in the same price range like Krell, Theta, Classe, Bryston, etc... Thanks. By the way, what is the Plinius website? Thanks again.
I'm considering the same thing. I have no local dealer though. The website is Good luck.
I have the Plinius SA-100 power amp and am *very* pleased with it. Class A/B mode is very close to full Class A in sound quality, so I would suspect the 8150 is a great buy. Pricing can be found at:
Afriend of mine bought the Plinius 8150i after shopping an entire year for an amp. It is, without exception, the best sounding solid state amp I've ever heard. I prefer good tube gear but the Plinius is the most musical tube-like solid state amp I've heard....especially in comparison to Krell, Theta, & Bryston. The Classe comes close.