Plinius 250III or the Levinson 333

Using with a pair of Energy Veritas 2.8 and/or a pair of Nautilus 802's.

I have a set of 802N and am going to the 2.8's. (Please don't ask, it is sad.....)

Your experiences, thoughts, or just guesses welcome....

In my opinion, the newer model Levinsons (334, 335 and 336) beat the equivalent Plinius models. Stick to the 334 - 336, they sound better than the 331 - 333.
This is again totally my opinion. But I find the sound of the SA-250 to blow away most anything I have heard (including the Levinson 333). I would certainly stick with Plinius. But if you do decide to go with Levinson go with the older stuff when Mark was still part of the company.

Again this is just my 2 cents and everyone has there own sound that they prefer.

Judd MacRae
"The older stuff" is very dark sounding. I know, I've owned the older stuff(ML-9), and now own an ML335. There is no comparison. It's your money, I thought about auditioning the Plinius, but did not find a local dealer, and would hate to have to return it to the manufacturer for service. Maybe someone who owns the Plinius can give you a better opinion?
Well, I listened to the Plinius IV but not the Levinson.
The IV sounds MUCH better than the McIntosh MC-352 I use now! The sound stage is incredible! It completely opened up, maybe because of the autoformers?

The Plinius has an enormous amount of reserve power, leaving the sound effortless!

Thanks for the input, next, I would love to listen to the 335.

I also listened to the Citation Audio 7.1 (a Madrigal product) and it actully controlled the speakers VERY well!

Any thoughts?