Plinius 250 one vs two as mono

I have a Sonic Frontier PreAmp, Beethoven (Vienna Acoustic)
speakers, and one Plinius 250/4. Is it worth upgrading and adding a second Plinius 250 as and use as mono? Will it really give better imaging and will anyone really hear the diffrence?
Thanks, ar
Monoblocks produce a finer stereo image. Soundstage is more focused. Less crosstalk. The Plinius SA250 Mk IV is a fabulous amp. You will hear the difference.
SA250 is expensive...i would look elsewhere considering your amps will be 3x the cost of your speakers.
--Crosstalk issues:
Isn't SA250 dual mono? If you use an analogue than crosstalk is already in the phono cartridge that cannot be reduced even with monoblocks. What is your preamp?
--You will be able to add 3...4 decibels to the loudness
--Larger power = larger bass control that could even drive speakers to exceed their bottom freequency bandwidth border.
--Monoblocks are more current efficient due to dedicated PS on each.
--Consider that if you exceed enough than you simply lost money. Isn't SA250 alone already takes off maximum your speakers can perform?