plinius 103 vs. Pass 250 vs.


I currently own a Pass 250 driving the 87db Penaudio Serenade speakers with a Lector 7 and Lector zoe as CDP/Pre.

Anyone compared the Pass 250 to a Plinius 103 (or 301) and also to a Spectron Musician ?

Thanks to all
Before I give you my personal experience, I want to explain what I want from my system because each person is different.

"In my system, if there is an instrument playing in a song, I want to hear it. Being a musician, I firmly believe that every part that each musician is playing is intended to be heard or they wouldn't have played it."

That said, I had a Spectron Musician III Mk.2. I sold it and bought a used Pass XA30.5 to audition from a dealer. Three weeks later I returned the Pass and bought another Spectron.

That's not saying anything other than, for my musical tastes, I prefer the Spectron.