Pledge Multi Surface Clearer

I was intrigued by the advertisements so I purchased this to try on my black and silver faced audio and video gear and also for my 55" LED TV screen.
Well it works as stated. No streaks, no oily residue, just an all-around cleanliness I could never find in just one product before. It can be used on wood and metal and glass even your granite block. It's no replacement for my Liquid Gold for wood or my Novus plastic cleaner for my dustcover but I highly recommend trying this for yourselves. It has become an accessory in my system.
I am in no way affiliated with SC Johnson.
I've used it to remove fingerprints from the acrylic platter of my Gyro. Works great.
Which Novus product do you use to clean your dustcover or do you use more than one?
review section is encouraged tho
Gpgr4blu, I use Novus 1 on my Perspective turntable and dustcover. I also own 2 and 3 but find 1 works best just for cleaning as my stuff is scratch free.
I use glass cleaner. works for me.
Screen-guard world plus products.