Please throw some light on on.

I have purchased a used Nak Dragon, in excellent condition, came with manual. It works great, but it will not get into recording mode unless you shut it off for few minutes and then turn it back on and put it into recording mode, it works ok.
But once you finish recording on side A and re-insert the tape for side B recording, now it will not get into recording mode, unless you shut it off for few minutes.
I am finding this really frustrating, the machine itself looks so new, you would find it difficult to believe that it is so old, it does not look more then a year old, the entire machine is shiny new.
But I had purchased it with the intention of doing alot of recordings, but with this flaw in the unit, I am finding it a little difficult.

Any help from this forum would be a great help. May be it is just a simple thing I am missing. But I have read and re-read the manual, followed all the instructions, but it does not help me either.

Looking forward to hearing from someone who knows what is going on with this dragon, before I take it to a Nakamichi service centre here in the city.

Best Regards
I think in this case you should just bite the bullet and take it in. The problem sounds electronic, and since it sounds like you have a real Nak service center, IMHO that's the way to go.

BTW, when I had a problem with an old Nak receiver, I had to send it cross country to get it fixed. The turnaround time was amazingly fast, and they did a great job.

Give it a shot.
Sounds like a malfunction in the timer function. Try operating it with the timer, to see if it fixes itself (But I doubt it will). It could also be a worn out electrical component in the record safety, or the record relay in the microprocesser. Unless you are weird and really like a challenge, it would be a lot less effort to take it to a nak service center. It is a simple fix, but not simple to find unless you have, well you get the point.