Please , Thank you.Help in choosing a CD or a CD/Universal player

I just purchased a Vincent CD S1.2, it sounds pretty good but with my Dynaudio Neo 2’s, they seem a little "bright?" on the high end, or maybe just me. I’m not sure if those two are a good match. So, I am looking at possibly moving to different player(again). I mostly listen to Redbook cds, but have a few HDCDs and SACDs, and even a few DVD-A disks. I have a smallish size listening area, carpeted and am think about getting some new stands for the speakers (IsoAccoustics) to see if that will help any.
Here are the ones I am looking at:
1. Linn Unidisk SC
2. Hegel CDP4A MkII
3. Or any Rega, I have been told and read that they are reliable nice sounding units.
4. Or? Please fill in your suggestion...
I know the first two units may be dated and the Linn has VG ratings and the Hegel, I can’t find too much on that one. The quality of sound vs. the costs might turn out to be a high value (If found under <$800)?
Any assistance in this would be appreciated. I am just looking for a reliable superior sounding unit, cannot afford new so...Thank you for your input and I gladly welcome suggestions.

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I am looking for an update on your spinner situation. Which player (s) did you buy/sell?  Did you move to AK as well?
Happy Listening!
Greeting jafant!  Yes on the move to Alaska, great being back “home”.  As for the spinners: I did have the Primare CD32, sold it and FedEx promptly lost it.  Long story short: I handed it to the FedEx driver in front of the FedEx store in Portland OR about a week before I left on my move here.  The driver failed to scan it as well as anyone else... my claim for loss was denied as FedEx stated: ”We are sorry to deny your claim as we have no record of receiving your property “.  Still fighting them in this.  Anyway, I have since purchased a Rega Apollo 35th Anniversary player #171, and had a Cambridge Audio azur 752bd (and a CA azur 651bd) for backups.
And of course, I’m always looking at different things.  Probably keeping the Rega though as it is in superb condition.
keep in touch jafant.  Pleasure hearing from you.

The Linn's are cheap on the used market ... SC around $500 or less ... I still have players from the 90's that have never had transport issues.  No idea if Linn still produces or stocks replacement parts for their older units if you would have issues.  I know they do not use off the shelf transports.
Good to hear from you - lostnamerica
I liked the Cambridge 651BD spinner as well. I have not heard the 752BD model.  How did you like the Primare CD32? An incredible story involving FedEx?

Hope you are well and enjoying Alaska.  Happy Listening!
Morning jafant, all is well in AK and with me, I appreciate your comments as well.  I have settled (partially anyway) with FedEx after much prayer and mild threats of taking them to court, in which would have been expensive and possibly fruitless but they will refund me almost half of my loss (Primare CD32).  Putting that behind me and moving forward.  The Cambridge 752bd is a great step up from the 651 and is a nice improvement in sound and being a universal spinner, fine for now.  I’ll be moving (trying to & the 651) that one as well.  As for the Primare, wonderful and near incredible  sound, and wil miss it.  I have. Linn Majik1 coming in and can’t wait to hear it.  Plus I ha e a PS Audio 100 coming in, and be good to compare the old with the new.  Thanks for your kind comments and wish you the best!