Please , Thank you.Help in choosing a CD or a CD/Universal player

I just purchased a Vincent CD S1.2, it sounds pretty good but with my Dynaudio Neo 2’s, they seem a little "bright?" on the high end, or maybe just me. I’m not sure if those two are a good match. So, I am looking at possibly moving to different player(again). I mostly listen to Redbook cds, but have a few HDCDs and SACDs, and even a few DVD-A disks. I have a smallish size listening area, carpeted and am think about getting some new stands for the speakers (IsoAccoustics) to see if that will help any.
Here are the ones I am looking at:
1. Linn Unidisk SC
2. Hegel CDP4A MkII
3. Or any Rega, I have been told and read that they are reliable nice sounding units.
4. Or? Please fill in your suggestion...
I know the first two units may be dated and the Linn has VG ratings and the Hegel, I can’t find too much on that one. The quality of sound vs. the costs might turn out to be a high value (If found under <$800)?
Any assistance in this would be appreciated. I am just looking for a reliable superior sounding unit, cannot afford new so...Thank you for your input and I gladly welcome suggestions.

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I see you don’t mention Oppo, which is puzzling as their Universal Players are generally considered great values and are market leaders.  At any rate I have the 105 which plays just about everything well.  Oppo’s can be programmed to output DSD from SACD so if you get a DAC that can accept DSD in the future you can further enhance the quality of your SACDS 
I like my Oppo 103. A lot. It's now the 203.
Thank you, I never thought about the oppo players.  I mentioned that I do have a few other formats in disks but primarily listen to redbook CDs and the player I’m looking for would be primarily for that.  I will check those units out (203 is in my price range.). And see.
thanks again.
decidely a minority view, but i don't really like my oppo 103 for cds, although its certainly an impressive dvd player and streamer; for cds i  preferred the pioneer elite 79avi it replaced. unless you need bluray, i would actually look at something like a used integra 10.5 or  arcam dv139, which is optimized for music
I find the Oppo players too bright for my taste.  They sound great at first listen but after a while, the brightness gets to me.  There are much better sounding players out there, think second hand.
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Thx stereo5, loomisjohnson and akg_cal.
i was thinking the same on the oppos myself. I don’t need a brighter player than the one I already have. He Rega is super nice and will research some more in pricing (used) of course. I appreciate all the help,
love this forum.

Cambridge 840-C cd player. Not bright at all. Good overall sound.
I currently own a Linn Uni--in a third system. Nice player in its time--but be cautious--these are now pretty old and disc players can wear out.
Oppos--I know the recent models of Oppos well. Owned the 105D stock and also Modwright 105 tubed with power supply. Currently own the Oppo 203 and the Oppo 205. I think the best value proposition currently for you to avoid "bright" and get a robust player with resale value is to wait for a Modwright 105 to come on the used market. Probably run you $1600 or so. It easily competes with $4-5K players IMO. I sold mine to go to a dedicated music server system. 
Thank you for that info, I had been leaning towards the Unidisk SC and 2.1, bit rethinking the age of he units...Have you any experience/knowledge on the Hegel CDP 4 MkII?  Thank you again.

@lostnamerica Sorry I am no help on the Hegel CDP MkII. Haven't heard it so I can't offer any perspective. If you are handy with audio equipment, i.e., feel comfortable opening up the can and replacing parts, then the "old" factor is much less of an issue.  
I received my OPPO 205 several weeks ago and it is the BOMB! I beg to differ about the OPPO being too bright.  First time I have heard that comment. Are u running it  through the analog outputs? Maybe thru the HDMI output may be a tad brighter. If you're looking for a universal AUDIOPHILE piece of equipment look no further!  It sounds great.
Good point, @don_1, my 103 doesn't sound bright at all with Krell and Vandersteens. Very neutral. 
+1 @don_1. @don_1. I would actually like my Oppo UDP-205 to sound slightly brighter - because currently it does not. I had been using the Teac CD-1000 for the past couple of years and the Oppo now seems a bit too smooth compared to the Teac.
The only thing that I feel about Oppo is that players from Esoteric, Marantz, Luxman, etc probably have more resolution than Oppo.
It is smooth sounding, I agree. I happen to prefer that but its just personal taste. 
Is it not subject to what it is running through as well? 
Jahatl513, you are absolutely correct in what is going through (quality of music I presume).  Most of my CDs are NM-M and more importantly, great to superb DR measured, I do t buy anything until I have checked against a DR database and then I will purchase it then.  My go to disk is Genesis, “Selling England By the Pound” as the dynamics in this particular recording are VG.  So, in a nutshell, yes to what’s is being run through...Thank you all for your most helpful responses.
I don’t regard my Oppo 105 as bright.  I laughed at the the first comment about this.  It is highly resolving, so if you have bright sounding music, that’s what you will hear.
  I had the Rega Apollo, many years ago.  It was murder trying to get it to accept a disc
I guess it really does depend on your amplification, speakers, cables, and of course the quality of the music being played.  I appreciate the comment on the Apollo, haven't heard much on that.
Thanks for the post,
And don't forget the room itself. Half of what is heard is room-dependent.
 I had not considered, I will now. oh yes indeed. Thank you!

If you have the luxury of a dedicated room, check out Primacoustics for room treatment. I bought mine  from Sweetwater Sound. Improved the  sound of my very modest system in ways I never dreamed of...
Absolutely essential, IMO.

Jim Smith's book Get Better Sound is very helpful...
Thank you for that information tomcarr I will also check out the book.  Interesting stuff here.  

Any Rega. I have a Saturn and love it. Very dependable and not bright sounding. 
Thanks for all the info, I just purchased the book and DVD set.  I am looking forward to some good reading...  I appreciate all the comments and suggestions,   again, I thank you all.

Get Better Sound is a must-have!
re CD player, Naim CDX, now downgraded into my bedside headphone system works without a glitch for 20+ years now, and sounds amazing! The price dropped down to next to nothing, and unlike my CDS3 which is now onto its third laser "upgrade", CDX still works fine. It is one "snappy" beast, but not bright. At the end of the day its all about your personal tastes, I had top Ayre, McIntosh, Linn in my rig but gravitated towards Flat-Earth spinners, right now own CDS3 and Wadia 781i

Oppo? The name puts me off, as with Schiit, cannot help it! Sounds cheap, but since its my hobby who cares!
Bought the same Hegel you list and just love it. So analog sounding it’s scary.  Beautiful sounding cdp. 
Urge you to check out Marantz.  Supremely musical  IMHO.  If things are still bright you have issues elsewhere.
Excellent feedback, Naim and the first comment on the Hegel.  I was about to eliminate it due to no info on it. I am also looking at a Primare cd-32 (used), I think 3 good choices are those.  Thank you all for you info.  
I have a Marantz SA8005 Super Audio CD that could be your solution. It is built like a tank and has a great DAC that really extends the soundstage. I got it for $899 on Amazon. It  might be worth stretching up from your $800 budget
I have a NAD C546BEE CD player and an Oppo BDP-95. I got the BDP-95 because I already had about 6 SACDs, 3DVD-As, and a few HDCDs. (previously had an Oppo DV-980H, infact I still use it in my small system.) I now have 22 SACDs, 7 DVD-As (ordered 2 more yesterday), 5 HDCDs, and 5 BRDs.

I have the Oppo connected via balanced cables from the analog outputs. I only listen to stereo. The NAD is ever so slightly warmer than the Oppo. I never would have bought it if I'd had the DV-980H first. I tried to sell the NAD after I got the BDP-95, but no takers, so I still use it. The point is I wouldn't find the Oppo warm at all If I didn't do side by side comparisons.

That being said, If I were starting out today and wasn't so fond of hard copy, I'd get the best red book player I could and get into hi-res downloads for the top end. 

Nonetheless, if I win the lottery I'm buying the best Esoteric SACD player available at that time. ;^)
Thank you 2channel8, I appreciate that. markmendenhall:  I missed out on the Hegel, darn. Thanks for everyone!  I had purchased the Primare CD32 and await its arrival.  

looking forward in reading your report on the CD32- lostnamerica

Happy Listening!

Thanks jafant, I’ll keep you (+ anyone interested) posted on this.  I am looking forward to this also. Thank you again!

I have been listening to the Primare CD32, it is super. Everything I have read has become a reality in sound reproduction, amazing in every aspect with no siblance noted as before. Bass, even with the Dynaudio Xeo 2’s is incredibly smooth and engaging. I tested it with the Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath cd and amazing Sonics with this combo. I am having a hard time justifying he purchase though. But the music is so sweet, torn between $, and beautiful music from Redbook CDs...Anyway here it is. Not much of a review, but there are no complaints in any area of sound representation. Thanks for reading.

Thanks! for the update- lostnamerica

what other gear including cabling is in your system?

Which genre(s) of music is in your collection?

Happy Listening!

I appreciate the response, my gear is:
Dynaudio’s Xeo 2’s, Arcam CDS27, just sold my modded Music Hall mmf cd25 today, it was pretty sweet, QED Reference 40 rca,  and a pair of Atlas Equator MkIII rcs’s.  Switching back and forth with the QED and Atlas determining which one to keep.  Still looking for a toslink Cable for future use.  Music tastes:  just about everything with the exception of jazz.  From early Black Sabbath to Uriah Heep, with some classical and my favorites are: opera singer, Maria Callas, Captain Beyond (first album), Wishbone Ash Argus, Chopin,and many others.  Thank you again.  And don’t forget to Enjoy the Music!
or Electrocampianet, or Sony, or Rotel, or Marantz, etc
there is a lot out there.
rega is too "cold" for your ears, marantz leans slightly warm.
I’m not impressed with Arcam.
The Oppo 203 is only $599 on the low end and I would not recommend it.
However, I WOULD recommend any of the Oppos with a Modwright mod, which are legendary.
Go to the "Modifications" menu on the site:: and Pick the Oppo models

Glad you like the cd32, I had one and found it to be accurate and mostly neutral, maybe slight emphasis towards the top but not overly bright.
I only ever used the xlr outs
Thx. 1graber2.  I have been looking at the Electrocampianet (ECM-3? I believe) just because I love to compare reviews and users thoughts, promising unit.  And the Modwright Oppos  I’ll be looking for also.
Thanks for your input.


you sold the CD32? How long did it reside in your system?

Happy Listening!

Keep me posted - lostnamerica

You have a nice system.

Happy Listening!

jafant,  I have not sold it, yet. I am selling though as I just sold my modded Music Hall mmf cd-25 in which I am having 2nd thoughts.   About the Primare,  I have had it about 3 weeks now.  if it goes, great.  If not, that’s great too.
I do love to buy, try/listen and then move a to various other equipment.  My retirement hobby so to speak.  Thanks for keeping posted.  
Modded players are sweet- lostnamerica
I have been curious about the Primare I32/CD32 combo. I would like to hear the advancements over the older I22/CD22 combo.  No local dealer/retailer though?  Staying tuned...

Happy Listening!
I'm curious about the Primare too.
Yes tomcarr, I was curious also.  Then I had a chance to listen.  Sometimes reviews can be misleading (almost seems like a sales pitch), but the ones I red before purchasing seemed more than positive, then I listened.  They were spot on, I am not an audiophile,as you can see from my posts, but I know when a piece of equipment has exceeded my expectations whereas pure pleasure is derived form the sonics.  This is the best player I have ever owned, and the reputation for quality and lasting attributes from Primare are well worth the price of admission.  Anyway, there you go.  I have decided that I will be leaving Oregon by Mid-June (headed back to Alaska), and will probably move this player for travel $$$.  thanks for reading!
I use OPPO 105D streaming Tidal using IPad as controller.