Please suggest Preamp

I am looking for a good preamp, but I have a few things that the amp must have:
1. I have a pair of digital active speakers, so the amp needs to have a digital out, preferably coax. Ideally this output should be responding to the volume setting of the amp.
2. The amp should have at least one more digital output, which outputs to a CD recorder. Since I am planning to digitize all my vinyls, the amp needs A/D convertion on the digital out.
3. My budget is somewhat below $3500

A phone stage and maybe even a Tuner build in would be an appreciated bonus.

This is not too much I am asking for, but the problem is that most amps only have one digital output, and many do not let you record an analog source from the digital out. The best solution I have found so far is the Meridian 562V.2 Multimedia Controller. Other options are usually Preamp/Processors, but I don't really need all the THX etc. stuff. However, it can't hurt either I guess.

Please, if anyone can suggest a preamp that would suit me, post your reply!

The accuphase DC-330(current production) would do everything you want except for the tuner, however it is around 15k msrp. For less $ I think the boulder 1012 would do what you want it to, again minus the tuner and that is still over 10k. Everything else I am thinking of is like you said a pre/processor, that's a good question!
The Sunfire is a nice unit with a tuner - it may only have one digital (coax) ouput though - not real sure - if so you could use the digital out from your Cd unit or Dac to record directly. It is in the price range.
Have you looked at the EAD Theatermaster?
the boulder 1012 (msrp $15k) would NOT do what you want, since its outputs (main and record) are analog xlr's.

Joule 150 pre-amp, a little above your budget, but soncially a wonderful piece
If I were in your position, I would get an excellent analogue pre-amp Musical Fidelity, BAT, Rogue, Sim Audio, Bel Canto (some of these have built in phone stages or at least optional ones) and use an outboard AtoD converter. For example the MSB Professional Analog to Digital Converter is around $700 and is and excellent piece especially if you add the P9000 power supply (ca $350). This unit outputs optical RCA and XLR digital simultaneously and should sovle your output problem (if you CD-R unit will accept optical or XLR inputs). This would leave you enough to buy a new Musical Fidelity A3cr preamp (for example) at $1500 a good used tuner say $500 and $450 for cabling.
Audio Research LS5 warm detailed and beats a ref1

find a digital out via the dac as the last poster suggests
Please note that unless you also have a volume control attached to the digital out on your preamp your system will not work. Digital volume is rare on any preamp. Please be careful.
Thanks for so many opinions!
Maybe I should really look for a separate A/D converter. I thought avoiding this would make my life simpler, but now it seems like worth checking out.

However, nobody has said anything about the Meridian 562v.2? I am curious if someone has heard this amp, or has an opinion on it.

Thanks people,
What about the Z Systems digital preamp. That is an awesome preamp.
CFB-Thanks for clearing up my never ending confusion, I musn't be as famaliar with the 1012 as I thought I was.