Please suggest integrated for large space

I have a 15 X 32 space divided by a half-wall that also adjoins an entryway with two-story ceiling. I'm happy with the sound of my Creek 5350 se, Opera Consonance Linear 120 and Silverline 17.5's but the sytem lacks power to attain desired volume levels with many cd's. I could buy another 5350 se and bi-amp but would appreciate some alternate suggestions. I can afford $ 1600. Roksan Kandy ? PS Audio C-100 ? Quinpo A-8000 ? Cambridge 840 azur? Others? Thanks!
I've owned the Roksan Kandy III and don't believe it will do it for you. How about the Musical Fidelity A-5 integrated. They are close to your price (used). Also, there are quite a few listed. If that doesn't scare you away the 250 watts per side should be enough.
Maybe some bigger Silverlines could help fill the room.
YES- The Musical Fidelity A5 would be an excellent choice.
Well, Timru, I'm not ready to change out the speakers, seeing as I just bought them. But many thanks for the tip re: the Musical Fidelity!
Thanks for your vote, Rodman9999.
Check out used Krell 400xi, Plinius or Simaudio.
I have a PS Audio GCC 250 that I bought for my 2 channel system when I was on a simplify kick. Since then I got Magnepans and had to biamp them to get the magic. Now the GCC 250 is overkill in my 2 channel video system. Let me know if you are interested. I do not have an ad here
Its hard for me to imagine that a monitor could move enough air in that very large space. I don't think more watts is your issue. You could try a powered subwoofer or two, with a high pass filter to your silverlines. You can only move so much air with a 7" woofer. Plus it should present your main amp with a much easier task if it does not have to try and reproduce the low bass. I would try that first, before you spend $ on a bigger amp.
Thanks, Swampwalker. Any particular sub you'd suggest in this case?
I agree with adding a sub or two. They will add substantially to the dynamics and impact of the Silverlines.

Check out the ACI Force XL. Terrific self-powered sub. 30 day home trial.

Be sure to check the ACI "Specials" page.
Hello Tvad-- thanks for your valuable input! Will look into your suggestion. Shall I assume that you agree with using a sub rather than going to higher-powered amp???
03-31-08: Stuartk
Shall I assume that you agree with using a sub rather than going to higher-powered amp???
I believe adding a sub (or two) will give you more benefits than will a higher powered amplifier, because of the limitations of the smallish drivers in the Silverline speakers.
Makes sense-- I will shift my line of investigation accordingly! Thanks, Tvad!
Sure thing, Stuartk. Perhaps, order one Force XL for the 30 day trial just to hear how your system might improve. It's a no-lose situation (other than the cost of shipping).

Also, ACI has info about how to connect a sub to your integrated amplifier even if it doesn't have subwoofer or pre-outs.

I have no connection to ACI other than I once tried a Force XL and was quite happy with it. My speaker configuration quickly changed, however, so I no longer needed a sub.
It never occured to me that you might be an undercover sales operative for ACI, Tvad :-) but thanks for the reassurance!!!!