Please recommend speakers for ASL 1003

Hi, I am new here, and I have come looking for advice on speakers to pair with my ASL AQ1003DT integrated tube amp.

I auditioned B&W 802 and 703, JM Labs Chorus 706 and 707, DALI Royal Sceptre, and Infinity speakers. I did not like the Infinity speakers at all. I particularly liked the DALI Royal Sceptre and the B&W 802, but both of them are really out of my price range. I liked the JM Labs speakers, but their overall sound was not as impressive as the DALI's imaging and spaciousness or the B&W's imaging and solid low end.

I am reading very good things about the Omega Super 3, but I don't know if it is a good match for my amp (30 wpc Class A). I would like to get your opinion on a good (preferably 'bang-for-the-buck') speaker to pair with my 1003.

My room is around 16' x 16' x 9' ceiling, and is also a library. There are bookshelves all around the room. I do not know how that will effect the sound. I listen to rock, motown, jazz, blues, instrumental bluegrass/newgrass, and classical.

I use an HK 8300 CD player and an XM Delphi as sources to the amp, and I intend to buy SignalCable cables for power, analog, and speaker connections.

Thanks in advance for your help. I have been reading material on the Internet for weeks, but I am going in circles and I would really appreciate some help.
The Reference 3a mm decapo i or the Dulcet is a very good match with your amp. The decapo i is 92 db efficient and easy to drive, the Dulcet is 87 db, not as easy, both great speakers.
The Von Scweikert VR1 is a fantastic pairing wit ASL tubes.I used them with my ASL MGSI15 DT with only 15w and they were wonderful.Since moved up to the VR2 with a vintage EICO st70 amp.Get a pair of good stands and you're ready to roll.
I have to say that both ideas you gentlemen have offered look great, but the Von Schweikert VR1 is closer to my price range. The Reference 3A MM products look great, but are simply more than I can afford right now.

Can you give me any comparisons for these speakers to any of the speakers I have heard? I am particularly trying to get an idea how a speaker would sound in comparison to the JM Labs Chorus 706, which I have heard, and the Omega Super 3, which I am very curious about (the whole single speaker, single point source, no phase shift thing sounds logical) because they are in roughly the same $600 price range. Unfortunately I am limited to a new or used speaker in the $1000 or less range, and a $1000 speaker is going to have to be a LOT better than the $500 speaker to get the nod.
What about the Dali Blue line (2002 or 1001) or the Epos ELS-3? Any thoughts?
What about Klipsch RB-75 or Heresy II speakers?
If i were in your shoes and running an ASL amp, i would look for a speaker that had the highest sensitivity possible with a higher nominal impedance that didn't suffer from any drastic impedance swings. These amps aren't very stable and anything that you can do to ease the load that they see will probably work for towards your sonic benefit. Sean
consonance opera audio eric 1
bought on audiogon from a dealer
whose name i have forgotten.

playing now thru scott 299c. very sweet
refined sound. not lacking highs or lows.

also, klipsch RB-5II. different, more dynamic

either should be available ~$500
I have a 1003 amp and I am running a pair of JM Reynaud Twins. The sound is very full and rewarding. Of the speakers you are interested in, I have only heard the JM Labs, which I found to sound a bit dead, not as lively as the Twins. The twins do need to be a little louder than some speakers to come alive, but the soundstage and imaging is very impressive.
bang for buck? morel 403.5 (600 shipped) or aci opal used on audiogon right now (400 plus ship)

forget about the single driver aproach; been there done that and i don't even listen to loud music.
Look into Salk Sound. Jim Salk has been involved in the recording industry for some time, he has recently began making speakers. To me his products look first rate and come with a return policy. Just Google Salk Sound and follow the link to his web site. He is very good at answering all e-mails about his products. When funds permit I will be checking out his stuff. He's worth a look
Good luck,