Please recommend some good music DVDs!!

Prefer in DD5.1 or dts sound. Thanks. These are what I have so far: 1. Metallica S&M (DD5.1): My personal favorite 2. Eagle Hell Freeze over (dts): My personal favorite 3. Beegees One Night Only (dts) 4. Tina Turner Live in Amsterdam (dts) 5. King Crimson Deja Vroom (DD5.1&dts) 6. Steely Dan 2 against nature (DD5.1&dts) 7. Sheryl Crow Rokin'the globe live (DD5.1&dts) 8. Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra: Live, Wide-Eyed & Dreaming (DD5.1): good acoustic guitar music. 9. G3: live in concert (DD5.1) 10. Yes: Live at the house of blues (DD5.1) 11. John Fogerty :Premonition (DD5.1) 12. Deep Purple: In Concert With The London Symphony Orchestra (DD5.1) 13. George Michael : Ladies & Gentlement (DD5.1) 14. Music For Montserrat Live (DD5.1/dts) I love to listen to music (all kind) as well as watching their performance. Thanks
Fleetwood Mac--The Dance is an excellent concert with great performances by the band members. Unfortunately, the quality of the sound is not as good as other DVD concerts I have. Sarah McLachlan--Mirrorball is another good one. Believe it or not, John Denver--The Wildlife Concert is excellent. The audio quality is top notch, and the musicians performing with Denver are all outstanding. These recordings exceed the originals IMHO. It's worth a rental at least. James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theatre is a good one if you like Taylor's work. Enjoy!
I would ask the same questions and live diversity. For diversity, Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense (Live Movie) is awesome. It has two separate mixes including 5.1, but not DTS. Where do you buy your music DVD's? On line anywhere in particular? Your choices have perked my interest. Also have Blondie Live in NY (not the greatest track), Red Rocks concert of Stevie Nicks (also mediocre, but I've been at Red Rocks), and the best I've heard is Styx (Return to Paradise - believe it or not). Eagles Hell Freezes Over was good, but overrated, while Meatloaf VH1 had too much talking. The Dance really was awesome, agree with Macm.
face it, there are none. you're into the wrong medium. you want movies? buy movies. you want sound? buy a decent 2ch cd player/processor and keep it out of your video chain. you can try 24/96 advd, but i'm afraid that's a short-lived "solution."
You should add Pink Floyd's "The Wall" to your collection. Some great music plus wonderful video/graphics.
I'll 3rd the James Taylor DVD "Live at Beacon...". Beautiful color, punchy video and very well produced. Sound wise I love it! Much closer to studio quality than concert quality. It appears it was produced/mixed to present the concert in a "you are there" fashion without the artificial multimedia effects some 5.1 audio discs present (the audio from the rears is mostly just crowd applause).

My DVD 5.1 music collection is limited, but IMO this is the goal isn't it... to sound real, not recorded/produced. Fancy rear effects are cool, and can be enjoyable, it just depends on what your in the mood for. For James Taylor fans it's a must, for others it might surprise you.

Keep the recommendations coming, I'm looking to expand my collection.